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The physicians at Internal Medicine Clinic of Tangipahoa are board certified and specialize in the care of adult patients with a variety of symptoms and issues. IMCT also has nurse practitioners who assist our patients with managing ongoing medical issues.

Total Healthcare for Adult Patients
IMCT provides total healthcare for adult patients, including treatment for chronic long term complicated medical problems and short term illnesses. As your primary care physician, we provide personal care and services to help ensure a healthy life.

We treat a wide variety of medical illnesses including diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving all systems of the body.  This includes but is not limited to heart disease, hypertension, pulmonary diseases, gastrointestinal illnesses, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease, arthritis, infectious diseases just to mention a few.  We also offer podiatric care. As Internists, we offer full-spectrum primary care for our patients, emphasizing wellness and prevention, as well as treatment when patients are ill including hospital care. 

Preventive Healthcare Services
Preventive care refers to measures taken to prevent diseases and reduce your risk of developing a specific illness rather than treating their symptoms once the illness develops. We offer a full array of preventive healthcare services including regular scheduled screening for chronic medical problems. Regular screenings including physicals, prostate exams, blood tests, ultrasound screening for carotid artery disease, peripheral vascular disease (PAD), aortic aneurysms, exercise stress testing to detect coronary artery disease, pulmonary function testing to detect lung diseases and other tests critical to maintaining health throughout life.

Hospital Care
We provide hospital care to our patients (including Intensive Care/Critical Care services) for acute and chronic medical illnesses – meaning that we will follow you and direct your care while hospitalized even if you are seeing a specialist. We believe it is important for us as your primary care physician to continue your care during a hospital stay. We will not relinquish your care to another physician unfamiliar with you or your medical history when you are hospitalized.  After building a patient/doctor relationship with you, we want to serve you in your times of greatest need and feel it is our responsibility to follow you throughout your hospital course.  When you return to the office for follow up you can be assured we are familiar with every detail of your hospitalization.

Podiatric Services
Podiatric medical services offered at IMCT are geared towards the treatment of adults and pediatrics for any issue persisting in the foot and ankle. We offer treatment for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions including, but not limited to, management of diabetic issues, sports related injuries, plantar fasciitis, dermatologic issues, ingrown toenails, bunion and hammertoe deformities, fractures and traumatic injuries.

We are able to provide in ofice x-ray examinations in which our Podiatrist individually reads and reviews results with each patient. We provide comprehensive wound care management in our office including Dermagraft. Diabetics are encouraged to engage in a routine follow-up program to assure no problems arise. In the event a problem does present, it can be managed efficiently. Our office also offers Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes with custom molded inserts. This is done in our office and custom molds for inserts are done by trained staff. Custom-made orthotics can also be supplied by our office.

Our Podiatrist offers extensive preoperative surgical care and postoperative surgical care.  Our Podiatrist works hand in hand with our Internist when necessary, whether outpatient or inpatient, to assure the best possible outcome for the patient.  As your family's center for Podiatric Medicine, we strive to keep your feet healthy and you on the move.

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Internal Medicine Clinic serving Independence, LA with the latest in advanced screening technology.

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Internal Medicine Clinic serving Independence, LA with the latest in advanced screening technology.


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